Marpoint Sp. z o.o. has set up a corporate vision which is essentially based on the further consolidation of its leading market position through its specialization in the marketing and distribution of food, wines, spirits and beverages business.

The company is supported by a balanced mix of valuable assets ,namely its human, financial and technological resources together with, of course, its represented strong brand portfolio that brings together some of the finest renowned household names, in the grocery, winery and beverage sectors.

Marpoint Sp. z o.o. seeks to further consolidate its market position by identifying, anticipating and satisfying consumer demands through constant brand development whilst maintaining a flexible company structure to accommodate for change in a dynamic marketplace.

The company wants to be more than a company that provides quality products at fair prices. The company also recognizes the importance of healthy living and its commitment to nutrition, health and wellness and strengthening its policies and practices in the areas of product nutrition, marketing ,labelling and health claims, introducing new products to give consumers more choices to address their health and wellness need.

The company’s commitment is based on a corporate culture that stresses honest and ethical behaviour in all its activities and a commitment to providing employees with the training and information they need to ”do the right thing.”


Marpoint Sp. z o.o. vision is to to grow our local and international business to establish our company as a regional player within the food and beverage sector.
We will endeavour to promote better for you products that feature a nutritional profile that meet specific standards on dietary intake recommendations.
This vision is supported by a balanced mix of valuable assets, namely, its human, technological, and financial resources together with its portfolio of premium brands. We further gearing up to be better placed to exploit the challenges and opportunities that arise in a highly dynamic and competitive market.


Our mission is to create and nurture world class brands which inspire the trust and loyalty of consumers. ’Our core values ‚no-one tries harder for customers’ and‚ treat people how we like to be treated’ characterise our approach to Corporate Responsibility. We believe we can achieve most when we work together on practical things that make a difference. ‚Every little helps’ can become a great deal when everyone pulls in the same direction.


Customers will never love a company until the employee loves it first so we must do our utmost in what we do, we must be totally focused on our business, ensuring the best products and services to our customers, solidity to suppliers, satisfactory profitability for shareholders and the certainty of a better future for all employees.


Marpoint Sp. z o.o.

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