Smoking and health

Statistical studies show that groups of smokers have a higher risk than non-smokers of developing a number of diseases, such as lung cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders and other health problems. The severity of the damage caused appears to be related to the age smoking starts, the number of cigarettes per day, the years of smoking and how deeply the smoker inhales.
As cigarette manufacturers, we feel it is our responsibility to highlight the risks associated with smoking, which is harmful in all its forms (cigarettes, cigars, pipe, etc.) and we believe every adult consumer is entitled to receive the information required in order to make responsible, informed choices. We are totally against the sale of tobacco products to under 18s, and our marketing activities are subjected to stringent controls and restrictions.

Passive smoking

Passive smoking is exposure to second-hand smoke: a combination of the smoke produced by the burning end of a cigarette with the smoke inhaled and subsequently breathed out by smokers.
Numerous health authorities, including the WHO, have reached the conclusion that passive smoking increases the risk of developing serious conditions such as lung cancer and heart disease among non-smokers.
Marpoint Sp z.o.o supports a regulatory framework able to balance the interests of smokers and non-smokers. We believe smokers should respect those around them and should never smoke in front of babies, children or pregnant women.


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